Stjepan Lakušić, Dubravka Bjegović, Ivo Haladin, Ana Baričević, Marijana Serdar

Last modified: 2017-02-28


Following the significant development of transportation infrastructure in recent years, Croatia has the need for adequate noise protection of the surrounding urban area. Construction of noise barriers is possible out of various materials such as wood, steel or concrete, but due to strict market conditions and demands for durability and static stability concrete noise barriers are most frequently used across Europe. Following this footsteps, Croatia has also increased the use of concrete noise barriers in recent years. Up to 50% of all noise protection barriers in Croatia are concrete based. Having reinforced concrete as a support structure, concrete noise barriers differ in the structure of the absorbing layer usually made out of expanded clay or wood fibres. RUCONBAR represents a new, eco-innovative concrete noise barrier solution. Innovative structure and method of obtaining the absorbing layer made out of recycled waste tyres has been developed and patented at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb, while the whole production is feasible in Croatian production lines. RUCONBAR – rubberised concrete noise barrier is produced according to EU Directives on noise protection and waste management and incorporates the idea of using waste tyres as a raw material for further production of a new product that brings benefits in three areas: (1) noise protection, (2) environment protection through prevention of disposing recyclable materials on dump sites and (3) reduced use of natural resources.
Paper describes a development process of a new product from initial idea over test samples to real scale samples and first application. It also contains thorough analysis of environmental impact and acoustic properties compared to similar solutions as well as potential market analysis


noise protection, concrete noise barriers, tyre recycling, eco-innovation

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