Verification and Optimization of Transition Areas of Ballastless Track in the Tunnel Turecký vrch

Libor Ižvolt, Michal Šmalo

Last modified: 2017-02-28


The modernization of the railway infrastructure of the Slovak Republic is an ideal opportunity for verifying the applications of unconventional structures of the railway superstructure. The Department of Railway Engineering and Track Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Žilina monitors geometric parameters of experimental railway track sections in the vicinity of the portals of the tunnel Turecký vrch – sections of ballastless track Rheda® 2000, transition areas and sections of ballasted track. The preliminary results of research and experience of the infra-structure manager show that the most problematic parts of track sections are the transition areas between ballastless and ballasted track. The paper deals with the results of monitoring of the track geometry by the measuring trolley KRABTM–Light.


railway track; ballasted track; ballastless track; slab track; track geometry; diagnostics

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