Intelligent Infrastructure and its Use in Monitoring and Regulation of Road Traffic

Abidin Deljanin, Fadila Kiso, Emir Deljanin

Last modified: 2017-02-28


The expression „Intelligent Infrastructure“ presents devices and systems which are used with intelligent transport systems and systems for managing in traffic. Intelligent Infrastructure presents purposeful organizational and informational – communicative upgrading of classical traffic systems, vehicles and transporting entities. Basic role of Intelligent Infrastructure is reflected in information gathering, elaboration and analyzing of current status, and on that bases orders issuing in order to provide simple activities flow for all traffic participants in a traffic process. Due to the complexity and the compactness of the term intelligent infrastructure it is necessary to base the division on the devices and objects of Intelligent Infrastructure. The Intelligent Infrastructure devices include: sensors, detectors and variable traffic signs, while the objects of Intelligent Infrastructure imply the toll booth, intelligent vehicles and intelligent infrastructure in the tunnel. The sensors and detectors of main technical components of Intelligent Infrastructure that are providing collection of data from „system sources“ what includes capability to collect and elaborate data’s of Intelligent Infrastructure environment. Changeable traffic signs are signs that can change their content due to the different needs, but due to the traffic flow on first place. The application of these complex assets is applicable in the entire transportation system and its application has led to greater safety and security of all traffic participants, a better traffic flow on the roads, reducing congestion and traffic jams, more efficient monitoring and control system.


Intelligent infrastructure;monitoring;regulation;road traffic

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