Challenges for an Integrated Timetable in Austria

Hans Wehr, Andreas Schöbel

Last modified: 2017-02-28


This paper describes the challenges for implementation of an integrated timetable in the network of Austrian Railways. One strategic aim of transport policy in Austria is the realisation of an integrated timetable in the railway section. Hence, some adoptions of the existing network are necessary for achieving suitable running times between the timetable nodes of the network. Some challenges to be solved in order to reach the aim of a real integrated timetable by the year 2025, will be discussed in this paper. Of course, there are many activities focused on certain lines; however, on some lines activities needed for reaching the 2025 goal are still missing. For this reason, sections of the network of Austrian Railways where activities have to start immediately to provide sufficient service will be identified.


integrated timetable; railway infrastructure design; railway project management; strategic railway planning

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