Exploitation of New Technologies for Collection and Processing of Motorway Traffic Data

Antoniadis Christos, Sotiriadou Styliani, P. Papaioannou

Last modified: 2017-02-28


The transportation section is of paramount importance for a society and for that reason is directly connected to growth from every aspect. The implementation of new technologies in transportation systems, known as Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), came into reality during the last decades, functioning effectively in combination with the new high standard motorways and are expected to grow considerably in the following years. The planning, design and implementation of such systems is an interesting field for researchers involved in transport infrastructure projects and equipment. Through this study, which deals with the issue of new technologies in the area of collection and processing traffic data, an attempt to analyze comprehensively the traffic measurement data at all stages is made, with emphasis on new and technologically advanced means of ITS. These systems comprise a combination of information and communication technologies applied to the transport sector in order to secure efficient and economical movement of people and goods using new technologies. The aim of the present paper is, therefore, the in-depth investigation of these systems, the presentation of all their aspects, such as the advantages of their use, their area of application and especially their prospects of development and wider use, particularly in Greece.


Intelligent Transportation Systems; Traffic Data; Traffic Data Measurement

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