Study of Compactability Models Describing Asphalt Specimen Compaction With Gyratory and With Impact Compactor

Marjan Tušar, Miha Šlibar, Aleksander Ipavec, Mojca Ravnikar Turk

Last modified: 2017-02-28


The service life of pavement surface courses is highly dependent on the construction process. A large number of parameters have to be controlled and kept at optimum during the laying and compaction process. The compactability of asphalt mix is the most important feature at the time of paving. Proper compaction of asphalt layer ensures that the pavement can achieve the planned service life, the bearing capacity and the resistance to low and high temperatures. In this study, the compactability determined by the gyratory and impact compactor was investigated. The standardized model as described in the European standard EN 12697-10 for the compaction propagation was evaluated with the data obtained from the tests performed on five different asphalt mixtures. Past research showed that the ‘standardized model’ that is currently used for the impact compactor does not describe the compaction process appropriately. In a published article three new solutions were proposed. With present study we tried to find out if the new proposed models can be used to properly describe compactability of asphalt specimen determined with gyratory compactor.


compactability; gyratory compactor; impact compactor; model

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