Safety at Level Crossings: Comparative Analysis

Martin Starčević, Danijela Barić, Hrvoje Pilko

Last modified: 2017-02-28


From the safety point of view, level crossings (LCs) are critical points in the safe conduct of rail and road traffic. Due to the different characteristics of rail and road vehicles (size, speed, stopping distance, maneuvering capabilities etc.) level crossings are often places with frequent accidents which and in most cases result in human fatalities and big material damages, even though, all of them are secured with appropriate level of technical protection. Accident statistics have shown that the main cause for all accidents (more than 95%) is human factor of road users (drivers, cyclist and pedestrians) who didn’t follow and obey traffic safety regulation at level crossings. This review paper presents current safety situation at level crossings in the Republic of Croatia and comparison with EU countries. Safety measures for preventing or diminishing level crossing accidents are presented and proposed.


level crossings; safety; comparison analysis; safety measures

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