Reconstruction and Modernization of Railway Subotica (Freight) – Horgos – Serbian-Hungarian Border

Ljiljana Ljubisa Milic Markovic, Ljubo Petar Markovic, Goran Cirovic

Last modified: 2017-02-28


The paper presents the necessary works included in the project for construction, reconstruction and modernization of the railway Subotica (Freight) – Horgos -Serbian-Hungarian border, with a total length of 27.9 km. Considering that the technical characteristics of the existing lines do not meet the requirements of modern transport systems, the implementation of these works will result in a high-quality interoperable railway link for both freight and commercial (passenger) traffic and a connection between regional centers in the border region (Szeged – Roszke – Horgos – Subotica – Csikeria – Bacsalmas – Baja). The project represents the first phase of work on the construction of the future railway (East-West) corridor between corridors IV, V, VII and X.


reconstruction; modernization; railway track; transport systems; interoperability; corridor

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