Prototype Railway Wagon with Rotatable Loading Platform and Concept of Innovative Intermodal System Usage

Tadeusz Niezgoda, Wieslaw Krason

Last modified: 2017-02-28


An innovative system proposed in the paper is based on a special railway wagon with a rotatable, low and flat loading floor. It can be used for transporting various types of vehicles, for example, tractors, trucks, trailers, semitrailers, cargo containers. The railway system using special wagons allows quick and convenient self loading and unloading of vehicles and containers (no cranes needed); no platform infrastructure is required, but hardened, flat, surface; no need for hubs, terminals or special logistics; each wagon can be operated separately. The selected aspects of the idea and a project of a special wagon for intermodal transport were discussed in authors’ earlier papers. A prototype version of the wagon with a rotatable load platform is presented shortly in the paper. The idea of an intermodal system based on the innovative railway wagons and the constructional solutions used for it is presented in the paper as well. A technology presented in the paper allows elimination of expensive terminal loading devices from the utilization. In relation to a presently utilized construction of such a type (e.g Moda Lohr and other), the advantages of the presented system are as follows: applying of repeatable wagons-platforms with an automatic rotating body for fast easy and safe loading and unloading of trucks without additional crane devices, constructional dimensions of the wagon with the load in the form of a semitrailer up to 4 m meet requirements of GB1 gauge, relatively simple and cheap infrastructure of the proposed system enabling cheap, ecological and safe transport of truck tractors with a semitrailer with a total length of 17 m, a weight up to 40 tons and low exploitation costs of such a system.


intermodal transport; special railway wagon; rotatable platform; rail-road system; semitrailers transport

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