Selected Aspects of Numerical and Experimental Studies of Prototype Railway Wagon for Intermodal Transport

Wieslaw Krason, Tadeusz Nijezgoda, Michal Stankiewicz

Last modified: 2017-02-28


A special wagon with a low rotatable loading platform for transportation of truck vehicles by rail was developed in Military University of Technology in Poland. The essence of such reloading is to place a semitrailer on a special rotatable platform with the use of a truck tractor. The structure can be used for transportation of different types of vehicles. The wagon allows quick and fast loading and unloading without any platform infrastructure or terminals. This type of railway wagon will allow transport companies to save time and money spending on road transport. The advantages of this construction are reduction of a negative impact on the environment as well as an increase of road safety by reducing the number of vehicles on the roads. As part of the work on the wagon and the intermodal transport system, a strength test of the wagon structure was carried out and the effort of the basic components of the wagon and a complete structure was estimated. In order to test the correctness of constructional assumptions and initially verify the wagon project, the dynamic analyses of the construction in different stages of its development were also carried out with the use of a multibody method and ADAMS code. Based on the performed strength tests of the wagon, it was verified that the most strenuous component of the wagon with a rotatable loading platform is a lock coupling the side of the rotatable platform with the over bogie part of the frame wagon. The construction of the applied lock allows only the transmission of axial load in respect to the side of the wagon. To analyse a side lock element, FE analysis was performed. The selected aspects of numerical and experimental studies of the prototype railway wagon and its components are presented in the paper.


special railway wagon for intermodal transport; the subassemblies separated from the wagon structure; numerical analysis; experimental stand tests of the side lock

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