Rolled Compacted Concrete Pavements

László Énekes, Zsolt Bencze, László Gáspár

Last modified: 2017-02-28


Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) road pavement is well-spread in the USA and in several European countries due to its strength, density and durability, economic advantages and high construction speed. Its name comes from the heavy steel drum rollers which compact the concrete into final form. The RCC consists of the same ingredients as conventional concrete does, but it has a higher percentage of fine aggregates and is stiff enough to remain stable under compaction having sufficient water for distributing the paste without segregation. After having studied different previous research works and the documents of completed RCC constructions, a mixture was planned following the main prin-ciples from the examples taking the available components into consideration. In KTI laboratory, numerous test cubes, cylinders and beams were made for testing the strength properties, freeze-thaw durability, water permeability, abrasion wear and air void characteristics for hardened concrete. The results obtained proved that RCC can have the same properties (quality) as conventional concrete has. Using the available mixtures, a test (trial) section was planned, and organized in order to evaluate the quality of placement (laying) and compaction operations, and to fine-tune eventually the mixture composition, and to bore core samples to perform testing on the constructed RCC. It has been shown that RCC with basic ingredients and proper recipe (mixture proportions) can be made with similar strength and durability as conventional concrete, but unlike conventional pavements, RCC pavements can be con-structed without forms, dowels or reinforcing steel. This technology gives a favourable economical alternative for pavements carrying heavy loads in low-speed areas such as industrial plant access roads, shipping yards, posts, loading docks, large commercial parking lots, and it can also be used as base course for semi-rigid pavement structures. The Hungarian trial section built is still in good shape after 2-year heavy traffic load.


concrete pavements; roller compacted concrete; trial sections; concrete mix design; concrete pavement construction

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