Problems of Crossfall Changeover for Reversed Crossfalls

Ivan Lovrić, Boris Čutura, Danijela Maslać

Last modified: 2017-02-28


Crossfall of the carriageway is generally oriented to one side and changing is implemented in principle over the entire length of the transition curve. In the case where crossfalls are reversed, this changeover section is potentially dangerous for aquaplaning (safety problem especially for high speeds). The main parameter for this analysis, relative grade ∆s [%], is the difference between the longitudinal gradient along the edge of the carriageway and the longitudinal gradient along the axis of rotation (∆s ≥ ∆smin). Guidelines and regulations of different countries offer some standard solutions for design of these critical zones, but there are also some differences and special solutions (wedge-like crossfall changing – inclined superelevation). This paper shows the analysis of Bosnian and Herzegovinian, Croatian, Serbian, Austrian, German, Swiss and TEM guidelines.


crossfall changeover; relative grade of the edge; aquaplaning; wedge-like crossfall changing

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