Application of Sensitivity Analysis for Investment Decision in Building of Underground Garage

Suada Dzebo

Last modified: 2017-02-28


Sensitivity analysis is frequently used for investment decision in connection with the assessment of investment project in uncertainty conditions. The paper contains key parameters defined by application of sensitivity analysis in a model of discounted cash flow of project of underground garages. The analysis was done by varying individual input parameters from the minimum to the maximum assumed default value. The parameters identified as critical are those on whose change the profitability of the project showed to be particularly sensitive. Also, the paper contains individual effect of each critical parameter to the net present value of the investment over project time of 20 years. The analysis was done for four scenarios of garages of different capacities. The paper could be used in preliminary reviews and preparation of studies on options to resolve problems of parking demand in urban parts of cities.


sensitivity analysis; parking; underground garage; profitability

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