Analysis of New Superstructure Components of Railway Track in Tunnel Sozina in Montenegro

Zoran Krakutovski, Darko Moslavac, Zlatko Zafirovski, Aleksandar Glavinov

Last modified: 2017-02-28


The actual superstructure components of railway track in tunnel Sozina in Montenegro is with following materials: wooden sleepers, rail type 49, rigid fastening K system and crushed stone for ballast. The envisaged new railway superstructure should be completed with mono-block prestressed concrete sleepers, rail type 49E1, elastic fastening and crushed stone for ballast. The replacement of wooden sleepers with concrete sleepers and rigid with elastic fastening is the principal replace of superstructure components. This requirement is completed by the railway infrastructure company in Montenegro because the maintenance works of track are very important in the tunnel and the cross section of the tunnel allows usage of slippers with a length of 2.4 m. The influence of vertical track loads and of temperature changes on continuous welded track (CWT) is calculated for a new conception of track. The theoretical analysis under the influence of vertical loads on the track is carried out according to the Zimmerman and Eisenmann theoretical approach. The effect of axial forces from temperature changes are also calculated and added to the dynamic stresses in order to obtain the total stress in the rails, which were compared with a maximum allowable stresses. The effects of temperature changes, as well as crack of rails, are also considered. The stability of Continuous Welded Rails (CWR) on bulging under the impact of vertical or lateral forces is also verified.


railway superstructure; rails; sleepers; calculation of railway superstructure

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