Environmental Impact of Traffic Noise

Riste Ristov, Slobodan Ognjenovic, Ivana Nedevska

Last modified: 2017-02-28


The traffic systems, beside their economic and social advantage, have a negative impact as well as sources of significant environmental pollution in the area they are located. During planning and designing of the traffic communication, special attention needs to be paid to strict adherence of certain basic principles on environmental protection. The specificity of this issue can be seen in the multi-dimensional traffic impact on the environment. Regardless whether it concerns a human, an animal in urban surrounding or an animal in nature, the impact of noise is almost the same for everyone. As a consequence of the noise, problems can occur from psychological or physiological aspect, auditory perception might be damaged or lost for everyone. It is certain that the human is most resistant to the noise, so it can easily adjust and protect from the same. Most unfavourable impact the noise would have on animals in nature, for which the overexposure to noise would have extensive consequences both for finding food and reproduction. As follows, this paper will include the impacts and consequences of overexposed traffic noise on the environment.


traffic systems; exposure; noise; human; environment

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