Practical Experience and In-service Vehicle Dynamics Measurements Based Maintenance Strategy for Tramways Infrastructure

Ákos Vinkó, Péter Bocz

Last modified: 2017-02-28


In the case of guided transportation systems the acting cyclical loads in track-vehicle interaction can change in wide range depending on both the type and technical state of the vehicle and the track. Due to the urban traffic-control constraints significant additional loads can be formed from the combined effects of weather conditions and driving style. The infringement of tram traffic regulation especially exceeding the speed limit or both sudden start and braking can easily cause premature degradation of the track. The intensity of addition load between the wheel and rail was estimated by wheel modal analysis, which input data are recorded by wheel-mounted accelerometers on an in-service tramcar.


Wheel-mounted accelerometer; Tramway track; Condition monitoring; Wheel vibrations; In-service tramcar

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