Increasing Road Safety by Improving Illumination of Road Infrastructure

Paval Flavius

Last modified: 2017-02-28


As all Member States of the EU also Romania is a country that has made objective of reducing by 50% the number of deceased victims from road accidents, by 2020. To achieve the stated objective, it is necessary to implement rapid on the entire road network, technical solution to improve road infrastructure and increasing the visibility of drivers. In order to increase road safety by reducing the number of traffic accidents is required luminance increasing existing roads due to the key role of ensuring greater visibility. In the case of road infrastructure is used luminance, which is the amount of light fell on a surface and reflection. In this article we will present different solutions of increasing luminance on different road sections by changing minor technical solutions such as: a) choosing of different types of materials to build roundabouts and b) changing the size of geometric elements of road infrastructure. In this article will be presented the best technical solutions to choosing lighting road infrastructure, after carrying out a survey results and a modeling software program in a specific lighting. One of the measures to increase road safety awareness implemented lately is making roundabouts in order to decrease the number of conflict points at intersection. Roundabouts are good technical solutions for increased road safety provided but only for drivers wich respect the speed limits imposed. Given the inappropriate behavior shown by traffic participants regarding compliance requirements and roundabouts are a modification of road infrastructures alignment, their illumination is required.


road safety; illumination; roundabouts; road infrastructure

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