Entrance Terminal of the Port of Ploce – Endpoint of the Vc Corridor

Boris Viđak

Last modified: 2017-02-28


Corridor Vc in the length of 702 kilometers stretches from Budapest via Osijek and Sarajevo to the Port of Ploce. Luka Ploce is declared as a port of special international economic interest for the Republic of Croatia, and the completion of the planned projects of its development, will enable it to accept greater amount and specific types of cargo. Construction of the entrance terminal with a border as an endpoint Vc corridor in order to develop the competitiveness of the Port of Ploce will provide superior technological and technical design to meet the needs of businesses. The valuation of the building is to over 85 million kn. Entrance terminal of the Port of Ploce together with the southern section of the Vc corridor within which the highways A1 and A10 are located, represents infrastructure project which has a special value in understanding the process of economic and transport integration of Northern and Central Europe with the Adriatic. This paper describes the main characteristics of the subject building.



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