Comparison of Different Survey Methods Data Accuracy for Road Design and Construction

Vladimir Moser, Ivana Barišić, Damir Rajle, Sanja Dimter

Last modified: 2017-02-28


For road design and construction, survey data play very important role as a basic tool and a starting point for the development of the design. In addition to the quality of project design, accuracy and precision of survey data is also essential for project-to-field data transferring within road build. In this paper, survey methods and its precision will be presented in a view of two commonly used methods (GPS and total station) and some new technology (unmanned aerial system-drone). Special emphasis will be given to the potential use of drones in survey data for road design and construction, with presentation of the field research results on the example of urban roundabout.


survey data; accuracy; GPS; drone; total station

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