The Effects of General Overhaul Railroad in FB&H

Mirna Hebib -Albinović, Sanjin Albinović, Ammar Šarić

Last modified: 2017-02-28


After completion of the first phase of the project of general overhaul main repair of the railway line from the state border (Čapljina) to Bradina, in the Federation B&H, a general overhaul from Bradina to Sarajevo, in total length of 36 km, currently is in progress. Implementation of Phase II of this project will be completed general overhaul of whole so-called south line from Čapljina to Sarajevo. General overhaul of railroad includes replacement of superstructure elements, while a just few works consider improving the substructure, structures (bridges, tunnels) and technical elements (radius of curves and etc.). This paper will give an overview of line condition before and after the general overhaul implemented, and effects of this way of implementation of the general overhaul in terms of increasing speed and traffic safety.


railroad; overhaul; increasing speed

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