Operational Plan for Construction of Railway Line Belgrade – Niš on Section Stalać – Đunis

Tatjana Simić, Tatjana Mikić, Tomislav Milićević

Last modified: 2017-02-28


The Serbian Railways network consists of state, regional and local rail lines which form part of the Pan-European corridors – lines of international importance connecting Serbia with neighbouring countries. Priority of developing Serbian Railway Network are pointed to integration of the most important international main railways through Serbia and the Pan-European network providing interoperability railway with high performance standards and increasing service quality on other railways on the network (higher speeds, greater bearing capacity, greater transport capacity, greater security, electrification, etc.). In the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia, the first strategic priority is development of Corridor X; an important part of this corridor is the section Stalać – Đunis on the railway line Belgrade – Nis, which is the subject of this title. Operational Plan during construction contains descriptions of main works on the construction this section as first input for the Final Beneficiary in decision-making process for the next steps. Organization of construction for of this phase of the project documentation – Preliminary Design for the aim has to make a proposal of necessary time for separately building in accordance with the schedule of the total time that was developed during the design. Complexity of the route with a large number of structures 5 tunnels and 5 bridges, more overpasses/underpasses, inaccessibility approach, the reconstruction of two stations with accompanying railway infrastructure were a major challenge for the preparation of the organization plan for construction works.


Railway constructing; civil works; systems; operational plan

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