Main Works for Construction of Railway Bypass Around Niš

Tatjana Simic

Last modified: 2017-02-28


Railway bypass around the city of Nis represents the first phase of a long-term solution for modernization of Nis junction. By the preparation of the project documentation and then construction of the railway line, all non-conformities will be solved during the urban and demographic development of the city of Nis with investment in the road and railway infrastructure. Important questions which were solved during the design phase by active collaboration with the Beneficiaries were following: fitting of the bypass line to the five existing railway lines, fitting into the three existing stations (Niš Marshalling, Crveni Krst and Sićevo), construction of new establishment (stations: Niš Sever, Pantelej, Vrežina and temporary establishment – junction Prosek) and works on the adjustment between new and existing infrastructure. Designer’s approach and proposal of the operational plan for construction of railway bypass with road traffic safety during the works are the subject of this title.


railway bypass; operational plan; construction; works

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