Evaluation of Infrastructure Conditions by 3D Model Using Drone

Hiroyuki Miyake, Makoto Fujiu, Shoichiro Nakayama, Jyunichi Takayama

Last modified: 2017-02-28


Recently, a fantastic view and a bird view is easy to be taken a movie by the drone. Especially, the 3D models can be created using the movie which is taken by the drone easily. This time, the created 3D models of the road are analyzed multilaterally in this study. The purpose of this study is to evaluate a safety of the road because 3D model is able to express structures on the road, slopes and fillings. At first, two situations road are taken the movies by the drone. One of two is slopes and fillings on the road. The other is a bridge above the road. The ways of taking the movie are an overall image of the pickup road and limiting a photographing range. The filmed movies convert 3D models by agisoft photoscan. It depends on time of movie, it takes more than seven hours to create high quality 3D model. As a result of this study, it became clear that unusual point and changes out of sight was discovered by the 3D model which is structure on the road, slopes and fillings. An overall image of the pickup road of the 3D model which is compared regularly can be perceived changes and the model which is limiting a photographing range can be analyzed details. Also it is possible that taken difference between the current 3D model and the past that can be offered an insight into any signs. In this way, the 3D model is useful to evaluate a safety. And it is one of the easy ways to survey and inspect the road.


drone; 3D models; agisoft photoscan; inspect

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