Quality Assurance of Asphalt Pavement

Denisa Cihlarova, Petr Mondschein

Last modified: 2017-02-28


When laying asphalt layers, the compaction plays an important role. It also ensures the mutual arrangement of the various parts of the asphalt mixture so that the mixture reaches the optimal properties in terms of endurance, strength in terms of climatic conditions; thus guaranteed the desired lifetime period of the layer. The degree of compaction is characterized by the ratio of density found on the layer (destructive, non-destructive) and the reference volume density (Marshall body, control production test of the given section). The paper analyses the destructive and non-destructive methods for checking the degree of compaction of asphalt layers. The data obtained during laying ACO 11+ 50 mm thickness. The volume density was determined by using probes Troxler 3440, Troxler 2701 and from the boreholes in these given locations. According to the analysis accuracy, the probe Troxler 2701 used to determine the final degree of compaction of the construction asphalt layer and for the routine control of compaction is not suitable.


Asphalt mixture; compaction; quality control; destructive method; nondestructive method; Nuclear Density Gauge; Electrical Density Gauges

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