Reconstruction of the Railway Tunnels Tičevo, Kloštar and Resnjak

Snježana Špehar

Last modified: 2017-02-28


The reconstruction of the railway tunnels Tičevo, Kloštar and Resnjak was carried out as a part of the reconstruction and modernization of the RH2 corridor railway line M202 Zagreb Main Railway Station – Rijeka. Reconstruction of the railway tunnels Tičevo, Kloštar and Resnjak, each of which is characteristic in its own right, entailed the reconstruction of the tunnels, tunnel portals, approach cuttings at the tunnel entrance and exit, by installation of the stateof-the-art materials, using the specific technology of execution of works, and respecting the defined railway line closures to ensure railway transport safety, and reconstruction of the civil-engineering, power-electric, control-command and signaling and interlocking subsystems as a single unit.


reconstruction of the railway tunnels Tičevo; Kloštar and Resnjak

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