Traffic Safety Assessment Model Method – SSAM

Gregor Kralj, Marko Jelenec

Last modified: 2017-02-28


Paper lists some modern models used to assess traffic safety, paying special attention to an increasingly widespread traffic safety assessment tool based on the model method, i.e. SSAM (Surrogate Safety Assessment Model). The traffic safety analysis of a road or road network segment using this model method is based on a microscopic traffic model whose precision ensures high-quality SSAM analysis. The SSAM software analyzes individual vehicle trajectories exported from the microscopic model and outputs the various interactions between individual vehicles as well as a list of all potential traffic accidents. The paper will show all the possible analyzes and results of such a traffic safety analysis. A concrete example, a connection road between the north and south bypass roads in Bled together with both roundabouts will also illustrate the theoretical part of the paper. For this example, a microscopic model has been with software tool PTV Vision, Vissim 5.40. This microscopic model was used as a basis for the SSAM traffic safety analysis. The results of analysis will be presented at the end of the paper. The results were used to improve the solution used by the main project.


traffic safety; vehicles trajectories; microscopic simulation

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