The National Transport Model for the Republic of Croatia – Application and Use

Uwe Reiter, Igor Majstorovic, Ana Olmeda Clemares, Gregor Pretnar

Last modified: 2017-02-28


The Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure commissioned the development of the National Transport Model to a Consortium combining local national knowledge with international expertise. The scope of the project is to develop the National Transport Model, collect all available data, carry out necessary surveys, develop networks models and demand models for freight and passenger demand for the base year, calibrate and validate the models, and develop forecast models for the time horizons of 2020, 2030 and 2040. The purpose of this National Model is to identify shortcomings, bottlenecks and issues in the current and the planned future transport systems of Croatia. Furthermore, this model is the basis to identify and develop strategies to alleviate the shortcomings of the current transport system and to develop the future transport system in a direction of meeting future demand and of promoting the economic and social development of the Country without compromising its sustainability. The model is used to identify specific measures and projects for the different transport modes and their integration supporting the selected strategies. Both, the individual measures as well as the complete strategies will be tested with the National Model. The model will produce quantitative results allowing to determine impacts of the strategy alternatives and of the measures on traffic conditions, on social and environmental impacts. Consequently, the National Transport Model is a basic and important component for the development of the future National Transport Strategy, delivering the necessary quantitative basis for analyses and selection of alternatives. Furthermore, the National Transport Model forms the basis for the development of Regional and Urban Models, necessary for the respective Regional and Urban Master Plans. The availability of a high-quality National Model guarantees that similar approaches are used at the regional level, improving the general transport planning approaches all over the country.


Transport Model; Analysis of transport conditions; transport forecast; development of transport strategy; evaluation of impacts

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