CETRA 2012 early preparations

Published: 20th May 2011

Dear visitor,

Department for Transportation, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb started with the preparation of 2nd International Conference on Road and Rail Infrastructure – CETRA 2012. Conference CETRA 2012 will be held on 07-09 May 2012 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Further information regarding the CETRA 2012 conference will be soon available through this web site.
CETRA 2012 Organizing Committee

Photo gallery

Published: 27th May 2010

Dear participants,

CETRA 2010 Organizing Committee would like to thank you once again for your arrival to the Conference and Opatija.
In order to have a nice memory of the Conference, you can browse through the photos taken during the conference using CETRA 2010 Photo Gallery.

Your participation certificate will be sent by regular mail to the adress stated in your Registration form soon.


Yours faithfully,
CETRA 2010 Organizing Committee

Conference registration

Published: 14th May 2010

Registration for the Conference is still possible. Participants should provide confirmation of payment or make a payment at the Conference registration desk.

Final Programme

Published: 10th May 2010

Final Programme of CETRA 2010 conference is now available for download.

Poster instructions and suggestions

Published: 26th April 2010

Dear authors,

Please find attached instruction and suggestions for preparing your poster presentation as well as the poster template and an example of the finished poster. The template for the poster presentation is also available for download.

Template for presentations

Published: 14th April 2010

Please use the following template to prepare your presentations.

Preliminary programme

Published: 07th April 2010

Preliminary programme for CETRA 2010 conference is now available for download.

Accepted papers

Published: 26th March 2010

The following papers have been accepted for the Conference:


Each paper must be covered by the payment of one Registration fee and the Registration form within the deadline of April 15, 2010 for the publication in the Conference Proceedings.

Preliminary programme will be available by the end of March.

Final programme of the Conference will be completed by the end of April.

New deadline for full paper submission and registration

Published: 02nd March 2010

Dear authors,
Due to a large number of inquiries concerning the deadline for submission of full papers for the International Conference on Road and Rail Infrastructure (CETRA 2010), the Organizing Committee decided to extend the deadline for the submission of full papers and registration until 10th March 2010. Please send your full paper to cetra@grad.hr.

Keynote lecture topics

Published: 26th February 2010

1st Keynote lecture: Recent developments in high-speed track

- Prof. Coenraad Esveld, TU Delft


2nd Keynote lecture: Road Construction and Maintenance - two Inseparable Tasks

- Prof. emmeritus Johann Litzka, TU Wien

Abstract submission

Published: 29th January 2010

Abstract Submission for CETRA 2010 has been closed.
Thank you all for your submissions.

Keynote lectures

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Published: 17th December 2009

Second round of abstract submission

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Published: 4th November 2009

Visitors overview of CETRA 2010 web pages

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Published: 3rd November 2009

New deadline for abstract submission

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Published: 22nd October 2009

CETRA 2010 starts in:

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Important dates

Submission of full papers and registration:
31 March 2010
Send your full paper to cetra@grad.hr.

Acceptance of papers:
15 April 2010

Payment of participation fee:
26 April 2010

Important files

Download PDF form Final Programme:
PDF file
Download PDF form Poster session:
Instructions and suggestions
Poster presentation template
Poster template
Poster example
Download PPT file Template for presentations:
PPT file
Download PDF brochure Tempate for papers:
DOC template ::: PDF template
Download PDF form Conference registration:
PDF form
Download PDF form Accomodation reservation:
PDF form
Download PDF brochure First announcement:
PDF brochure
Download PDF form Marketing presentations and donations: PDF form

To open PDF files please download free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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