Presentations and Authors

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Keynote Lectures

Virtual Management of Complex Infrastructure: Information Systems in the Age of BIG DATA PDF
Timo Hartmann

Traffic Planning and Modelling

OpenTrack – A Tool for Simulation of Railway Networks PDF
Hrvoje Haramina, Andreas Schöbel, Jelena Aksentijevic

Infrastructure Projects

The Effects of General Overhaul Railroad in FB&H PDF
Mirna Hebib -Albinović, Sanjin Albinović, Ammar Šarić
Establishing the Capacities in the Inner City – Suburban Rail Passenger Transport PDF
Branimir Duvnjak, Tomislav Josip Mlinarić, Renato Humić

Rail Track Structure

Stability Chart for Cavity Existence Below Railway Track PDF
Yujin Lim, Jin Wook Lee, Hojin Lee, Sang Hyun Lee
Flow on the Ballasted Trackbed with Permeable Surfaces and Its Influence on the Ballast Flight PDF
Jianyue Zhu, Zhiwei Hu

Noise and Vibration

Monitoring of Dynamic Properties of New Type of Tram Track Fastening Systems Under Traffic Load PDF
Ivo Haladin, Stjepan Lakušić, Marko Bartolac, Janko Košćak