Presentations and Authors

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Traffic Planning and Modelling

New Indicators for New Infrastructure PDF
Harald Frey, Anna Mayerthaler, Ulrich Leth
The Effects of Forecasts on the Level of Motorization – A Self-fulfilling Prophecy? PDF
Anna Mayerthaler, Harald Frey, Ulrich Leth

Road Pavement

Impact Assessment in the Pavement Lifecycle Due to the Overweight in the Axle Load of Commercial Vehicles PDF
Lúcia Maria Pessoa Oliveira, Cássio Eduardo Lima Paiva, Adelino Jorge Lopes Ferreira

Urban Transport

Study on Usage Behaviour of the Arterial Traffic in Japan PDF
Kosuke Koike, Makoto Fujiu, Sho-ichiro Nakayama, Jun-ichi Takayama

Tunnels and Bridges

Analysis of the Influence of the Natural Environment on Bridge Soundness PDF
Takahiro Minami, Makoto Fujiu, Shoichiro Nakayama, Jyunichi Takayama

Integrated Timetables on Railways

Solving a Bottleneck on a Strategic Point of the Hungarian Railway Network PDF
Viktor Borza, János Földiák

Infrastructure Management

Evaluation of Infrastructure Conditions by 3D Model Using Drone PDF
Hiroyuki Miyake, Makoto Fujiu, Shoichiro Nakayama, Jyunichi Takayama

Innovation and New Technology

A Multi-Objective Optimization-Based Pavement Management Decision-Support System for Enhancing Pavement Sustainability PDF
João Santos, Adelino Jorge Lopes Ferreira, Gerardo Flintsch
Energy Harvesting on Transport Infrastructures: the Specific Case of Railways PDF
Francisco Duarte, Adelino Jorge Lopes Ferreira, Cassio Paiva

Traffic Safety

Increasing Road Safety by Improving Illumination of Road Infrastructure PDF
Paval Flavius