Presentations and Authors

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Traffic Planning and Modelling

Evaluation of the Calibrated Microsimulation Traffic Model by Using Queue Parameters PDF
Irena Ištoka Otković, Matjaž Šrami

Road Pavement

Study of Compactability Models Describing Asphalt Specimen Compaction With Gyratory and With Impact Compactor PDF
Marjan Tušar, Miha Šlibar, Aleksander Ipavec, Mojca Ravnikar Turk
Mechanistic Asphalt Overlay Design Method for Heavy Duty Pavements PDF
Zoltán Soós, Zsuzsanna Igazvölgyi, Csaba Tóth, László Pethő

Rail Track Structure

Verification and Optimization of Transition Areas of Ballastless Track in the Tunnel Turecký vrch PDF
Libor Ižvolt, Michal Šmalo

Computer Techniques and Simulations

Understanding and Predicting Global Buckling During Construction of Steel Bridges PDF
Stephen Rhodes, Philip Icke, Paul Lyons