Aims & Scope

Although the transport needs of nations around the world differ in detail, there is much benefit to be derived by sharing research findings and practical experience. CETRA Conference aims to provide a forum for dialogue on important issues across all disciplines and aspects of the road and rail sectors. The main gaps to be filled are those between researchers and practitioners in design, construction, maintenance, and management of transport infrastructure systems, especially regarding an increased need for climate change adaptation, smart construction materials, and infrastructure data analysis. 

CETRA Conference serves as a platform for a broad blend of scientific and technical papers in the fields of Civil, Transport, Geotechnical, Environmental and Traffic Engineering. Papers considered for publication are original papers that form a contribution to the theory or practice of infrastructure engineering, present state-of-the-art work on topics related to infrastructure, or case studies in which theory is applied to a significant infrastructure problem. 

Conference scope:

  • Infrastructure – planning, design, (re)construction, modernization, and management; building information modelling; innovation and sustainability; monitoring, modelling, condition assessment, optimization, and maintenance.
  • Traffic – planning, modelling, design, and safety; computer techniques and simulations; travel time and service quality; operation management, sustainability, and intermodality; urban transport modelling, integration, and mobility; autonomous vehicles; alternative vehicle power supply.