Presentations and Authors

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Traffic Planning and Modelling

OpenTrack – A Tool for Simulation of Railway Networks PDF
Hrvoje Haramina, Andreas Schöbel, Jelena Aksentijevic
Analysis of Headway Characteristics in Dissipating Queues PDF
András Szele, Árpád Barsi, Lajos Kisgyörgy
Hybrid Algorithm for Ticket Reservation Process in Passenger Rail Transport PDF
Dragana Macura, Milica Selmić, Dušan Teodorović, Milutin Milošević

Road Pavement

The Best Practise of the of Recycled Tyre Rubber Modified Asphalt Binders and Mixes PDF
Ovidijus Sernas, Donatas Cygas, Audrius Vaitkus
Mechanistic Asphalt Overlay Design Method for Heavy Duty Pavements PDF
Zoltán Soós, Zsuzsanna Igazvölgyi, Csaba Tóth, László Pethő
Evaluation of Chemical Fractions in Paving Grade Bitumen 50/70 and Effects on Rheological Properties PDF
Diana Simnofske, Konrad Mollenhauer

Traction Vehicles

Problems of Identifying Conducted Disturbances in a Current Drawn from a 3 kV DC Catenary by Vehicles Equipped with Power Converters PDF
Marcin Steczek, Adam Szelag

Urban Transport

The Evolution of Urban Transport – Uber PDF
Marko Slavulj, Krešimir Kanižaj, Siniša Đurđević

Integrated Timetables on Railways

Challenges for an Integrated Timetable in Austria PDF
Hans Wehr, Andreas Schöbel

Infrastructure Projects

Model Test to Determine Load-Settlement Characteristics on Soft Clay Using Pile-Raft System PDF
Manish V Shah, Devendra V Jakhodiya, A. R. Gandhi
Operational Plan for Construction of Railway Line Belgrade – Niš on Section Stalać – Đunis PDF
Tatjana Simić, Tatjana Mikić, Tomislav Milićević

Infrastructure Management

Enhancing Railway Infrastructure Assets Against Natural Hazards PDF
Jelena Aksentijevic, Andreas Schöbel, Christine Schönberger
Developing Decision Support Tools for Rail Infrastructure Managers PDF
Irina Stipanović Oslaković, Kenneth Gavin, Meho Saša Kovačević

Construction and Maintenance

Main Works for Construction of Railway Bypass Around Niš PDF
Tatjana Simic

Rail Track Structure

Concrete Mix Design for the Remedy of Corroded Concrete Sleepers PDF
Fitim Shala, Muhammad Umair Shaukat

Innovation and New Technology

A Multi-Objective Optimization-Based Pavement Management Decision-Support System for Enhancing Pavement Sustainability PDF
João Santos, Adelino Jorge Lopes Ferreira, Gerardo Flintsch
Exploitation of New Technologies for Collection and Processing of Motorway Traffic Data PDF
Antoniadis Christos, Sotiriadou Styliani, P. Papaioannou

Traffic Safety

Safety at Level Crossings: Comparative Analysis PDF
Martin Starčević, Danijela Barić, Hrvoje Pilko
Swept Path Analysis on Roundabouts for Three-Axle Buses – Review of the Croatian Design Guidelines PDF
Šime Bezina, Ivica Stančerić, Saša Ahac

Computer Techniques and Simulations

Selected Aspects of Numerical and Experimental Studies of Prototype Railway Wagon for Intermodal Transport PDF
Wieslaw Krason, Tadeusz Nijezgoda, Michal Stankiewicz

Power Supply of Transport Systems

Problems of Electrical Safety in Depots and Workshops for Servicing Electric Traction Vehicles PDF
Tadeusz Maciolek, Adam Szelag