Call for Papers

PDF version of the Call for Papers Leaflet can be obtained following this link:

Authors are invited to send abstracts of their papers (in english, 250–300 words) by 10 December 2013 via the conference website, using on-line submission system. Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their abstract via e-mail by 15 December 2013.

Official languages of the conference are Croatian and English. Simultaneous translation from English to Croatian and from Croatian to English will be provided during the conference.

Author Guidelines

1. Abstract submission instructions

Prior to submitting an abstract, you should sign in to the conference website.

If you are an existing user (author or reviewer for CETRA 2012), please, login using the form on the right side (User Information section).

If you are a new user, please register with the website first. In the registration process, you should check the "Author" checkbox in order to be able to submit an abstract.

After clicking the Create button, please check your e-mail! You will receive "Validate Your Account" e-mail that contains the validation link. Click on the validation link in order to validate your account. Otherwise you will not be able to log in to the system.

After a successfull login, you should proceede with the abstract submission by clicking here or the "Submit Abstract" button on the right.

Make sure your abstract is up to 300 words long and in english language. The submission should not be previously published or in consideration for another conference or journal. If so, an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Director.

This is a brief explanation of the registration and submission process:

    • 1
    • register*
    • (Create Author account via registration form by clicking the Register button)
    • 2
    • validate*
    • (Check your e-mail and click on the validation link to validate your account)
    • 3
    • submit
    • (Log in, click on the Submit Abstract button and fill out the requested fields)
    • 4
    • track
    • (After submitting you will be able to track the review progress of your abstract)

* If you already have account on our website (if you have been registered for CETRA 2012), skip steps 1 and 2.

2. Full paper guidelines & submission instructions

After you have received an e-mail from the Conference Chairman titled [CETRA 2014] Decision on Abstract Acceptance, with a positive review of your paper, you are free to continue with the full paper submission.

2.1 General guidelines for full paper composition

Please download the template for papers in DOC format from the "Important files" section form the right sidebar. PDF version serves just as a non-editable preview version of a final paper.

Template file contains detailed instructions on formating and composing a paper. Below are some general rules that should be followed:

  • The manuscript should not exceed the maximum of eight (8) pages. There is only one exception to the above rule: keynote papers may be up to sixteen (16) pages long.
  • CETRA 2014 Organising Committee has the right to reject papers considered inappropriate for the proceedings, even if the abstract originally appeared to be acceptable.
  • The use of SI units is strongly recommended and mixed units are to be avoided.
  • Papers must be produced electronically and be PC compatible. Also, papers must be prepared using the templates and submitted in their original file format as DOC (MS Word) files.
  • If you are using Microsoft Word 2007 or later, save the file in Word 97 - 2003 Document (*.doc) format.
  • It is important that the grammar and spelling of your paper is correct. If English is not your first language, please have a native English speaker check your paper for you. When finished, double-check the whole paper thoroughly and ensure that all figures, captions, tables, equations etc. are legible, as these often present problems.

The deadline for Full paper submission is 15th February 2014.

2.2 Submission instructions

For starters you will have to login to the website using the same credentials that you have used when submitting an abstract.

After you have been successfully logged in you can view your "active submissions" following this link, or the link from the right bar "User Home" and then "Author". This will take you to the Active Submissions list. If your abstract has been accepted and you have been invited to submit a full paper, status of your submission will be "AWAITING UPLOAD". Press the "AWAITING UPLOAD" link and follow simple instructions to upload your full paper.

Please bear in mind that the file has to be in .doc format (Microsoft Word 97-2003). Other file formats such as .docx .pdf or .odf will not be accepted.

After the file has been uploaded press "Save and continue" button.

On the following page press the "Finish Submission" button to end the submission process and notify the Organizing Committee that you have submitted the full paper.

Your paper will then be reviewed and you will be notified of the outcome by e-mail.

You can also follow the submission process by checking your active submissions list and the status of all your submissions.

Abstract submissions for this conference were closed on 2013-12-20. You are however free to proceed with full paper upload for your accepted abstract by clicking "awaiting upload" link next to the paper title.